Technical Information for Venues & Bookers

PAT Test Certification

You will be pleased to know that Pronto Jazz sound equipment is fully PAT tested and certified. Click here for a copy of our PAT test certificate.

Public Liability Insurance

Pronto Jazz band members are union members of either Equity or the Musician’s Union which gives us public liability insurance via our union membership.


Pronto Jazz supply a full PA system and speakers as well as having access to uplighters to add atmosphere. In between sets, we’re happy to play some background music through our PA system either via our own ipod playlists or by plugging in your own to our system.

Space Requirements:

We are used to squeesing into small spaces and of course space requirements depend on the number of players you book. For a duo, 2m x 2m is usually sufficient and usually it’s worth figuring a square metre per player booked apart from the drummer who needs nearly double, though we’re good at looking thin and have played in smaller spaces where needed!