Pronto Jazz (20 of 22)What better way to blow away any of those January blues!
Delighted to be back at I’Klectik for a swinging Friday night of live music with Pronto Swing, our more dancer friendly swing band! A feast for jazz lovers and dance fans alike! Come join us lindyhoppers, jivers, balboa dancers and more! Also a fun night, if you’re not a dancer. 
Drinks and snacks available.
Tickets: £10 including £1 drink voucher. CASH only on the door. 
Although at this stage tickets are still available on the door, to reserve and pay for your place in advance please email in advance and we’ll send you a paypal request. 
Airlie Scott on Vocals
Eleazar Ottavio Ruiz Spreafico – Double Bass
Paul Eldridge – piano,
Katy Jungmann- Saxophone
A number of wonderful guest musicians maybe sitting in!